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Camp Dearborn Clothing Sale

Shirts, $15
Sweatshirts, $30
Hats, $12

Payment must be made by credit card over the phone, or cash in person at the Camp Dearborn office. Call (248) 684-6000 to make an order. A flat-rate $5 shipping fee applies to all purchases. Items are only available while supplies last.

1 gray hoodie1. Gray Hoodie (S-1, L-1, XL-3)
2 blanket
2. Blankets (2-Green, 2-Gray, 2-Navy)
 3 royal hoodie
3. Royal Hoodie (M-3)
4 royal sweat
4. Royal Sweatshirt (L-2, XL-4, XXL-1)
5 green sweat
5. Green Sweatshirt (M-2, L-3, XL-4, XXL-2)
6 lt blue sweat
6. Lt Blue Sweatshirt (L-4, XL-4)
7 gray sweat
7. Heather Sweatshirt (L-3, XL-3, XXL-1)
8 lt gray sweat
8. Lt Gray Sweatshirt (L-4, XL-4)
9 navy sweat
9. Navy Sweatshirt (L-3, XL-4, XXL-1)
10 adult t shirt
10. Adult Flag T-shirt (Green L-4, XL-1; Red L-3, XL-3; Gray L-1, XL-2; Navy XL-1)
11 seafoam adult t shirt
11. Seafoam Adult T-shirt (L-5, XL-5, XXL-1)
12 lt blue t shirt
12. Lt Blue T-Shirt (M-4, L-6, XL-4)
13 childs t shirts
13. Children's T-Shirts (Orange: XS-3, S-4, M-5, L-5, XL-2; Gray: XS-3, S-3, M-6, L-2, XL-3; Lt Blue: XS-2, S-5, M-6, L-5, XL-3)
14 img 3859
14. Youth T-Shirts (Lime Green: XS-1, S-2, M-2; Royal Blue: XS-2, S-2, M-6, L-4, XL-2)
15 caps15. Caps: 8-Blue, Tan-9, Yellow-10