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Seasonal Camping

Camp Dearborn’s facilities include a Seasonal Camping Area for patrons with campers, previously known as TV2.

Seasonal Camping Area sites include 120v/30amp service and a picnic table. Within the seasonal camping area is a laundromat, multiple modern restrooms with showers, and play structures.

Seasonal Camping Area patrons sign a Site Reservation Agreement, reserving the site for one year. Site Reservation Agreements extend from May thru the following May and signatories can remit payment in full by February 15–saving $100–or make four monthly payments, the last of which is due prior to Memorial Day Weekend.

The Seasonal Camping Area will be closed from December 16, 2023 thru April 14, 2024.

Site Reservation Agreements can be filled out online and at the Camp Dearborn Office.

Fillout and Submit your Site Reservation Agreement Here

Campers renewing for the following season are required to do so now by February 15th as reservation dates and renewal dates are different. 

Any campers not renewing are required to notify Camp Dearborn via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by February 15th. Campers will be explained the next steps for them to follow in the non-renewal confirmation email.

Seasonal Camping Rates

The fee for the 2024 camping season is $2,500, with Dearborn residents receiving a $500 discount with valid proof of residency.

The following payment options are available:

Full-payment Option - due February 15th, 2024. $100 discount if full payment is received by February 15th.

4-payment Option - First payment due February 15th, next three payments due on the 15th of each month March - May.

ACH payments are strongly encouraged.

The following late payment fees will apply:
1-14 days past due: $250 late fee
15-29 days past due: $500 late fee
30-59 days past due: $1,000 late fee
more than 60 days past due: The Lease Agreement will be terminated and the trailer will be removed from Camp property at the sole cost and expense of the owner.
Fees are cumulative, and no exceptions will be made

TV2 Seasonal Reservation Rules, Regulations & Policies

*Rates are subject to change.