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Seasonal Camping

There are approximately 450 seasonal campsites in the seasonal trailer area, each with a 120v/30-amp service and a picnic table. Within this area is a laundromat, multiple modern restrooms with showers, and play structures. Lessees enjoy participation in all scheduled programs posted at the Recreation Field, Pool access if open, Tickets for Adventure Golf, and more. Camp Dearborn, including The Seasonal Camping Area, is closed each season for the winter months. This season 2023-2024, Camp will be closed from December 16 through April 14 (dates are subject to change).

Applications for Seasonal Campsite Reservations are accepted at the Camp Dearborn office, located in Milford.

Any repairs to campers/trailers in TV2 must be brought to the attention of the office so workers can receive a work pass to the site.

Camp Dearborn
1700 General Motors Rd. Milford, MI
(248) 684-6000

Please call ahead to set up an appointment.

Camp officials are responsible for assigning campsites and determining the specific placement of the camping unit on the site.

TV2 Seasonal Reservation Rules, Regulations & Policies

Seasonal Camping Rates

The fee for the 2024 camping season is $2,500.00, with Dearborn residents receiving a $500 discount with valid proof of residency.

The following payment options are available:

Full-payment Option - due February 15th, 2024. $100 discount if full payment is received by February 15th.

4-payment Option - First payment due February 15th, next three payments due on the 15th of each month March - May.

ACH payments are strongly encouraged.

The following late payment fees will apply:
1-14 days past due: $250 late fee
15-29 days past due: $500 late fee
30-59 days past due: $1,000 late fee
more than 60 days past due: The Lease Agreement will be terminated and the trailer will be removed from Camp property at the sole cost and expense of the owner.
Fees are cumulative, and no exceptions will be made

The seasonal campsite reservation includes 120v/30 amp electrical service for one camping unit beginning the Saturday prior to Memorial Day Weekend through October 1, each year. Additional air conditioning units and additional refrigerators are prohibited.

*Rates are subject to change.