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Seasonal Camping

Click here to view the Camp Dearborn Trailer Lease Agreement.

There are approximately 570 leased campsites in the seasonal trailer area, each with a 120v/30 amp service and a picnic table. Within this area is a Laundromat and multiple modern restrooms with showers. Lessees enjoy participation in all scheduled programs posted at the Recreation Field. Camp Dearborn, including TV2 Trailer Village, is closed each season for the winter months. This season, Camp will be closed from January 1 through April 4.

Applications for campsite leases are accepted at the Camp Dearborn office.

Camp Dearborn
1700 General Motors Rd., Milford, MI
(248) 684-6000

Please call to set up an appointment.

Camp officials are responsible for assigning campsites and determining the specific placement of the camping unit on the site.

TV2 Seasonal Lease Rules, Regulations & Policies

  1. All campsites are leased in accordance with the policies listed in the "Camp Dearborn Lease Agreement."
  2. Campsite leases are issued only for qualified mobile camping units. Buses, mobile homes and other altered vehicles are strictly prohibited to be brought into the seasonal camping area, TV2.
  3. Camping units entering Camp Dearborn for the first time must have the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association seal. A current picture of the camping unit must be submitted for approval by Camp Management prior to securing a campsite lease.
  4. Incoming camping units must be under 400 Sq. Ft and must be easily movable. Wheels and hitches must remain intact while on Camp Dearborn Property.
  5. Annual camp leases are effective through the Friday prior to Memorial Day Weekend and are renewed at the discretion of Camp Management.
  6. Leases are not valid for year-round occupancy. Summer campsite fees are for usage and winter fees are for storage and limited recreational use. Camp Dearborn is closed from January 1-April 4.
  7. Failure to pay fees will prevent renewal of any lease agreement. If fees are for usage and winter fees are for storage and limited recreational use.
  8. Leases are automatically terminated with a sale or permanent removal of any camping unit.
  9. Prior to any sale of a camping unit, an inspection by camp staff must be done. Any deficiencies must be repaired prior to the finalization of the lease transfer. Trailers that have attached cabanas and cover the trailer in any way are not eligible to stay in Camp Dearborn after a sale. Some units may not be repairable due to age or condition and may be required to be removed.
  10. Four-foot spacing all the around the trailer unit must be maintained for fire safety. This includes when any slide-outs are fully extended.
  11. There must be a responsible adult 21 years of age or older at the campsite at all times. Unchaperoned parties are subject to eviction.
  12. No camping units with a permanent structure may be sold or change ownership and kept at Camp Dearborn. This includes but is not limited to enclosed porches, cabanas, or any add-on built on to the trailer in past years.
  13. At least one parking sticker must be reserved/used by the owner of the trailer with the address on the car registration matching the lease.
  14. Leased sites may not be used for storage of boats, cars, or anything but the RV itself.
  15. No dumping of grey or black water is allowed unless hauled away by a licensed company. No direct draining of ANY liquid is allowed into an external tank or onto the ground underneath a trailer. Small portable tote tanks are permissible if emptied at the office dump station.
  16. Guests visiting a camper in the TV2 seasonal area must park in the visitors parking area.

Lessees are responsible for the maintenance of their campsite and camping unit including mowing and maintaining a neat appearance. Failure to properly care for a campsite will result in the intervention of Camp personnel at the expense of the lessee. Grass cutting fee is $50 per cut.

Failure to comply with Camp specifications may result in eviction, with removal of unit at the owner's expense, and forfeiture of all fees and deposits paid.

Fee and Deposit Requirements

Fees are determined by the size of the camping unit, ownership of the registered vehicles and the lessee's residency status. An additional $70 fee will be charged for each air conditioner and extra refrigerator. *New lessees are required to pay a $500 deposit and the remaining balance for the current season. Deposits are forfeited if a lease is cancelled within the first year and the camping unit is removed from the park.

*Deposits are refunded if a camping unit is sold or removed from a campsite with an account paid to date, and the site is left clean and undamaged.

*Leases will be terminated when fees are 30 days in arrears. Camping units will be removed from campsite at the owner's expense, deducted from deposit. Any additional debt will be forwarded to the City of Dearborn Legal Department for collection.

*Every TV2 lease agreement includes the registration of two vehicles for visits to the Camp and entrance to TV2 during the operating season. Each registered vehicle will receive a Camp sticker from the Milford Camp Office. Stickers are for registered vehicles only and must be displayed on the windshield. Stickers are non-transferable.

A replacement sticker can be obtained for a $10 fee, with the return of the original sticker and a current camping receipt at the Milford Camp Office.

*Lease Agreements are made with adults age 21 years and older. The adult with whom the agreement is made, is responsible for the financial obligations of leasing a campsite, as well as the conduct and behavior of each person occupying the campsite.

General Guidelines

Overnight sleeping is prohibited outside registered camping units; tents / cabins / RVs.

Air conditioning units must be turned off when a camping unit is unoccupied. Units left on when the unit is unoccupied will result in a daily monetary fine levied to the trailer owner. Tampering with any electrical utility panel is a felony under the penalty of law. Violators will be prosecuted.

Outside lighting on a camping unit is permitted if the lighting is placed on a timer to conserve energy.

Outside portable toilets are banned from all campsites, with the exception of small medical units which can be kept inside the camping unit with the ability of proper disposal. Disposal may be done at the dump station next to the office at no charge. Onsite / comfort station disposal of waste, waste water or sewage is strictly prohibited.

Propane tanks must be safely secured to camping unit. Lawn mowers may NOT be stored under a trailer at any time.

Portable basketball nets are not allowed in TV2. It is a danger to drivers and players alike. Permanent nets are available adjacent to the canteen.

Storage at a campsite is permitted in season (Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend through Saturday following Labor Day). Storage is limited to patio furniture, portable grills, bicycles and neatly stacked firewood. Items that are not labeled for outdoor use (indoor couches or furniture, etc.) may not be kept outside the trailer at any time.

Off-season storage is not permitted on the exterior. Items stored in the off-season must be placed inside the camping unit.

All trash is to be disposed of in the dumpsters conveniently located throughout the TV2 area. Discarded items cannot be placed in the Camp office area.

Metal detectors are prohibited at Camp Dearborn.

The Trailer Village 2 rules and regulations are in place for the benefit of all lessees. These guidelines have been carefully designed by Camp Dearborn management to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the pleasure of all campers.

Seasonal Camping Summer Rates

33 ft & Under $693 33 ft & Under $804
34 ft-49 ft $756 34 ft-49 ft $870
50 ft & Over $759 50 ft & Over $876
33 ft & Under $1,224 33 ft & Under $1,335
34 ft-49 ft $1,260 34 ft-49 ft $1,374
50 ft & Over $1,293 50 ft & Over $1,410

Summer Installments Due May 16, June 20, and July 25.

Please note: Summer season fees must be paid either in full or in three installments. A $75 late fee will be assessed each time a payment is not received by the due date.

Extra Electric Due May 16, 2020
($70 for each A/C and extra refrigerator)

Lease fees include 120v/30 amp electrical service for one camping unit with one refrigerator beginning the Saturday prior to Memorial Day Weekend through October 1, each year. Air conditioning units and additional refrigerators are permitted for a fee of $70 per unit.

Prorated electric fees

In-season - $6/week per unit/Off-season - $4/week per unit

Seasonal Camping Winter Storage Rates

Resident: $400 - Non-Resident: $450

Winter Storage Due September 12

Prorated For Mid-Winter Entries Or Departures