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Gate Admission

Park Visitors Admissions

Park Visitors Admissions
Season Pass - $30 (can only be purchased in the office)
Day passes can not be turned in for a seasonal pass.
Daily Admission Fee - $10
Prices are subject to change.

Dearborn/Milford senior citizens (60 or older) are admitted free with proof of residency and age. Not applicable to Dearborn Heights residents.

No City, State, Metro, or Dearborn Recreational Park passes will grant admittance into Camp Dearborn. Camp Dearborn has its own seasonal sticker.

It is expected for all guests to be aware of and know our Rules/Regulations/Policies to avoid any conflict or problems down the road when it comes to issues regarding noise complaints, visitors, pets, etc.


Methods of Payment
We take both cash and cards. However, due to the possibility of bad weather or technical issues, we may not be able to take credit cards. Due to this possibility, it is highly suggested to always have cash or you will be directed to the office to buy a day pass. We ask that you keep in mind that our office closes at 4 p.m. If we can not take a card, you will be directed to a local ATM outside of the park.

We do NOT take any type of wireless/cardless payment types such as Cash App, Apple Pay, etc.

Important Information for Visitors
Be aware that on weekends and holidays, we may reach maximum capacity. This means that we can not allow entry of any new vehicles into the campground.

If you are in a big group, we suggest renting out our shelter/picnic areas to ensure all guests will be allowed into the park. Otherwise, guests will have to park outside of Camp Dearborn and be picked up from someone who already has admittance into the park.

If you leave the park and wish to come back, you will need your dated pass and must stop at re-entry to show the pass to gate personnel. If found attempting to hand off, use an old or fake pass you will be evicted from the park.

All visitors must stop at our front gates to enter the park.
All guests are beholden to traffic laws while in the park.
All guests must buy a day pass.

If you are here just to pick something up or drop something off, be aware that you will not be allowed to go any further than the office parking lot. You must not leave your vehicle unattended.

If you are here to visit someone in the campground, you will be required to buy a day pass no matter the duration of your stay. A day pass does not grant you access to the campground.

Visitors' cars who bought a day pass will not be allowed to enter the campground regardless of picking up or dropping off. They must be picked up from visitors parking, located by Station 35, or entrance into the seasonal campground TV2.

Any guest coming after 10 p.m. will not be allowed admittance or be sold a day pass unless they are here to pick up a second Camping Park Pass. If picking up a second car pass, you will need the correct site number and last name to receive a pass. Campers are not allowed to hand off passes as indicated on the pass that they are not transferable.

If you have been evicted from the park, there will be no refunds.

“Just Looking”
If you are wishing to see our camping or picnic sites in person, you will be required to go into the office. Keep in mind office hours and that viewing will not be allowed during weekends, holidays, or special events. If you are just stopping by to look at the grounds, we consider this ‘visiting’ and you will be required to buy a day pass.